USWE is a project born in the frame of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Shipbuilding with the aim of supporting industry and workers in the adaptation to the industry 4.0 technologies.

USWE brings together industry and workers representatives from all over Europe and education experts to analyse the impact of technological change in existing occupations and future skills needs.

The Highlights

Upskilling Shipbuilding Workforce In Europe

Upskilling Shipbuilding Workforce

European shipyards and maritime equipment suppliers are global leaders in the building of complex ship types and the production of sophisticated technologies and systems. This leadership is the result of continuous investments in Research, Development and Innovation and in developing a very highly skilled workforce.

The rapid technological change and the 4th industrial revolution are bringing huge opportunities to the industry but also several challenges. The uptake of 4.0 technologies is changing the work environment, will lead to new occupations and require new skills and competencies along the entire supply chain.

In order to support the sector in this transition, the European Social Partners are carrying out this project together with VET providers.

The USWE project will look at the impact of the Industry 4.0 technologies in the workplace, detect new occupations and identify skills gaps and needs related to specific occupations. The project will set up the basis for the design of necessary training and education to help industry and workers bridge those identified gaps.

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