Overview of Meetings


2nd Workshop - 11th December 2019. Navantia - Puerto Real, Spain

Save the Date!


1st Workshop - 8th May 2019. Turku, Finland

The first Workshop of the project was hosted by Turku University of Applied Science in Finland.

30 experts from industry, trade unions, education and public authoritiest participated in the discussions and visited Meyer Turku Shipyard and its Shipbuilding School.



Kick off Meeting 9-10 January 2019

Kick off project meeting!

Having revised and approved the regular aspects involved in an Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance project. This first meeting in San Sebastian helped us discuss and agree on the ways we are going to display the methodology designed for doing the desk research about the two initial most relevant activities of the project, analysis of the state of art and forecasting the trends for the future of the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Sector.

When analysing the state of art, the intention is to focus mainly on the factors related to VET skills demand, the training provision and on the current employment situation in the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair industries.

The approach for the forecasting activity prioritizes the analysis of the technological trends, the challenges of Industry 4.0, and the economic, social, environmental and regulatory trends which will impact on the sector, forcing the shipbuilding companies to rapidly adapt their mindset to the demands of the new era. In Turku meeting the results achieved in these activities will be checked.

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