Work package 1 Analysis of the State of the Art

Final Report: Analysis of the Sate of Art For Upskilling shipbuilding workforce in Europe

Analysis of the State of Art

Sea Europe and industriAll Europe´s members, European maritime technology industry and workers, are globally recognised for their excellence in the design, building, maintenance and repair of the most complex vessels and maritime equipment.

The sector provides the technologies to meet the environmental and safety agenda of shipping, and to develop blue growth activities.  Increasing complexity of products and the diversification to new markets of the Blue Economy demand additional highly skilled staff. On the other hand, the progressive integration of Industry 4.0 technologies in the production process are also bringing urgent needs of adapting the workforce to the advanced manufacturing technologies.

USWE project will identify skills gaps and anticipate future needs arising from the impact of new technologies in the so-called “Industry / Shipyard 4.0” and will explore ways to bridge the gap between skills supply and demand at European level improving workers’ mobility across Europe. It will serve as the basis for further joint design of educational programmes providing solutions to industry led demand for skills and competences.

In WP1, the State of the Art regarding the Skill Needs will be analysed. This will serve as a base for the rest of the project work.

In order to do that, a Methodology for Detecting Skill Needs, fully aligned with the Cedefop guidelines will be developed by the partnership. Once the methodology is defined, the European Social Partners will carry out the research on skill needs through a desk and field research, organising interviews with experts and bringing the results for assessment and validation of the Social Dialogue Committee for Shipbuilding, composed by representatives of trade unions and industry from all over Europe.




state of the art



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