Work package 3 Identification of Skills and Profiles

The objective of WP3 is to detect all the skills, both technical and transversal, that workers of the Shipbuilding industry should have, taking into account the outcomes of the research of WP1 and WP2.

First of all a list of occupations will be consolidated. The partners will collect information about occupational profiles and definitions from different member companies and countries in order to build a common list of occupations.

Based on this list a common nomenclature for SEA Europe and industriAll members will also be developed. This will help mutual understanding and recognition of occupations and skills needs amongst stakeholders all over Europe.

Both lists will be very useful for future developments because they represent a step forward in joint European understanding and will set up the base for future joint curricula development under SSA Lot 2.

As European level results are sought, both lists will be developed following the classification of ESCO and, once they are finished, they will be send to ESCO for adoption.

identification of skills and profiles

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